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Have you ever been interested to know what the exact value of Planet Cazmo’s domain may be? How about the day Planet Cazmo became Beta and went online? How about the marketing strategy and where the Industry is located? From  gamers to  inquirers alike looking for translucent information; this is the information for you. No other blogger has touched this subject due to a lack of inherent interest and a presumptuous attitude. Therefore,  I would like to pave the way for change. Through intricate research and hard to find reliable sources,  I have found the answer for you.  This information as well as many other facts will be coming soon. Stay tuned!


A Silver Moonlight

 In commemoration of our former Autocrat CollinZfresh.  You will always be a legend to us all.

A luminous light sheds forth from an unreachable position high in the night sky.  This resplendent light, as we once knew it, was far from its  opulent intensity as we now know.  Sure, there was a time long ago where its voluminous strength was seen by all of those who were concerned of its glorious guidance. after all, without it everyone would coward into divergence and allow fear to strip away moral and civil attributes.  This together culminated into a pointless reality as lives were stricken down by opacity.

Like a glistening star waiting to be discovered in the sky, those days were quickly forgotten as a great legend had awoken from the stars.  Society was reconstructed and morality was reintroduced from an enlightened perspective, all grew motivated and dedicated.  The night didn’t deter anyone from there agenda thanks to the luminous silver moonlight that was always there beaming from the sky, all it took was someone to tell them that it was there for the sake of their being.



Thank you CollinZfresh and congratulations to you becoming a silver ambassador I will never forget having you as a leader

Long Live the era of the PRA and its influence it left behind

A founding father,


Hello peeps.

Neon Knights here. Srry I havent posted lately due to the bad weather shutting electricity down.anyways check out myblog its http://planetcazmocommunity.wordpress.com/

12 Days Of Christmas..And FUN!

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Im sorry to report this information to you viewers but the widget that should be visually noticeable does not apply for word-press users. I, CollinZfresh will make it a priority to bring this to the attention of our parent Planet Cazmo. This is a true travesty that shall not go unnoticed, please bare with the temporary issue. i shall report back to you viewers with the verve of Planet Cazmo and there ability to solve this crisis.  Thank you Fellow Citizens

citizens news–

The Most Trusted Cazmo In News

Ambassador CollinZfresh

I have finally been excepted in the elite echelons of the PCAP

It is now my OFFICIAL duty to serve our fellow citizens and patrons at the best of my will as possible

If there are any questions please leave a comment and I will respond

Back from Redemption

Hello everyone, Its me the Legendary Collinzfresh.  Im back to bring all the news to the fellow Cazmos such as you fellow readers.  If anyone has been wondering I’ve quit armies and CP about a few years ago and only the veterans such as Watax, Paintboy, Olgathorp, Really Red and a few other fellow friends of mine remember me.  A new generation of players have evolved out of us from those old days.  Before Planet Cazmo there was only one online game that all of us kids played.  CP was that game, but now were lucky to have at least a dozen games to choose from.  Planet Cazmo would have been my top pick when I became a beta because I wagered that this game would one day be popular with mainstream kids from all over interatacting and making friends.  It looks as if those days are becoming a reality and now I can successfully remarket my site to viewers like you.  The Planet Cazmo Stagnate ressesion has ended and a new era, the dawn of the Cazmo Influence era or DCI Era has begun.

My next article will give a glimpse of the pre-DCI era for all those who are intrested to see what the past is like.  I hope all my viewers will be happy with the new future changes that will soon to come and I’ll be updating the site even more in order to suit all your likings! Untill Next time Cazmopolitans


(From Redemption)


A plea to Inquisitor Collinzfresh?

Where are you mate?

People are saying you quit the PRA and have been using this website for this new game but this one has no sign of you. Your not here mate. Has anyone seen the legendary  collinzfresh???????

My exalted one I have reports of discontent throughout the ranks.  Commissar Prior Bumble can only indoctrinate your orders so far before rumors make tea time talk.  I caveat you to  make an announcement to your fellow officers that all is well.  Like Alexander the great a leader must be appointed if you shall retire.  I have gathered intelligence from enough informants to make this next post public, Sir General Davidson of the III army corps has gathered support to attempt a coup d’etat. Please your holiness, you have built such a successful site it would be a sin to disband it like this isn’t the money and influence enough to keep you with us?

We need your help CollinZfresh!

General of IV military Corps.

Head of Staff